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September RESET Box

Hey there September snackers!

This month's box is focused around Gut Health and the role it plays within the world of wellness.

Lots of us aren’t mindful of our gut, other than the digestion role it plays. Why is it we need to feed it the correct bacteria for it to keep us both mentally and physically upbeat? The gut is essential in keeping our immune systems strong and communicating with the brain through nerves and hormones. It is influenced by nutrition, supplements and exercise and can also be impacted by stress, age and medication or illness. 

Through eating healthy foods and snacks to boost our gut flora and improve our digestion we can hugely benefit ourselves both short and long term. As our microbiomes are a little like fingerprints: each is completely unique to every one of us. None are the same - meaning they need extra TLC! is a little info on some of the treats we’ve selected for you this month and the goodness they bring you despite being so tasty which is obviously a huge score! We want to keep you tuned in and we’re excited to share this with you.  

Wellness Lab Berry Cultures (RRP £15.00 per pouch)

We are so excited to be working with Wellness Lab - a brand focused around natural ingredients with scientifically backed support bringing the finest food innovation set to date. 

Although Wellness Lab has plenty of products to offer, we’ve chosen the Fruity berry latte as this beautifully bright coloured powder supplements any drink or baking treats! These are low sugar and low carb, packed with 11billion CFU of active cultures provided per 8g scoop aiding in the relief of bodily stress and alleviating inflammation.

Red berry fruit is filled with antioxidants and is alkalising so it’s stomach acid resistant and remains dormant through brewing, baking, cooking and freezing.

One of our favourite ways to use the berry cultures is to add them to our smoothies in the morning or simply make a plant based milkshake. Check out @wellnesslabltd for more recipe inspo. Quick, easy and so good for you - we hope you love it as much as we do. It’s become a part of our daily ritual here! 

Use the code WellnessNom10% giving you a 10% OFF the whole vegan latte range at the Wellness Lab.

Nooro CBD Bars (RRP £2.95 per bar) 

To be able to bring you these one of a kind insanely tasty Nooro CBD and nootropic based bars makes us so happy! We enjoyed these far too much and so we’ve included two different flavours to enlighten your taste buds with some tropical goodness. Banana + Cinnamon and Cacao + Coconut. As well as being Vegan and GF, the CBD bars are the ultimate bio-hack snack to align, balance and achieve memory and clarity, focus and calm. 

CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent and an immune modulator meaning it has a positive impact on digestion and gut health too. The tasty flavours will whisk you away into foodie heaven! Cut them up and add them to your yogurt bowl and you’ll truly be in your happy place. 

 FattBar - Caramel and Sea Salt (RRP £1.99 per bar)

These Keto bars bring a rich, buttery taste filled with nourishing heart healthy nuts and prebiotic fibre bringing you less than 5g of carbs per bar! Our favourite is the salted caramel, so we’ve decided to give you a taste of it too and see what you think. 

The prebiotic fibre is tremendously beneficial for lowering the risk of intestinal infection and enhancing an immune response to promote more stable levels of good gut bacteria.

You can snack on these knowing that the FattBar will energise, heal and lift you whether you’re munching on this after a workout, in-between work calls or mid afternoon, you’ll enjoy every bite.

FattBar can also be delicious toppers for smoothie bowls or porridge bowls! Use the code NOM10 giving you a 10% OFF any order until 31st October.

Let us know which products you’ve enjoyed best and leave us a review here. Finding what feels good is our primary focus here. Our biggest wish is to curate the cleanest, indulgent snacks into one box to bring you quality not just quantity. 

With so many snacks on the market, it’s sometimes difficult to know which are best to include as every-body is so different. This is why the September RESET box is particularly all inclusive bringing lots of different flavours and ingredients for all, so we hope you benefit from these goodies as much as possible!


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