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Q&A with Rachel Hammond

Rachel is a local meal prep hero, cooking up delicious plant-based meals and delivering them to peoples doors. We met on Instagram and then realised we live five minutes from each other! So, naturally I wanted to know more about this superwoman and what she thought about her first Nom Nosh box...

Are you 100% plant-based? 
Fairly recently (the last year) transitioning towards plant based. I’d say 98% plant based. I eat intuitively, so if I feel like my body needs something, I’ll go with that. I’ve had eggs once in the past fortnight, otherwise plant based.

How does this work at home – do you have to cook different meals for everyone or do you all eat the same thing? 
No way. I’ve always felt strongly about eating the same! We have one meal, very occasionally I’ll pop a chicken breast in the oven to pop on top for my husband - but generally we’re all plant based. The children’s school is catered hot meals for lunch - they eat meat there. 

What's your go to vegan snack(s)? 
Home made power balls without a shadow of a doubt, they’re on heavy rotation in our house. But, sometimes life is busy & I forget to make a batch! 

How do you find out about new vegan snacks/products? 
Recommendation/word of mouth usually. 

Do you feel better for being plant-based (physically and mentally)? 
The biggest change for me was cutting out gluten! I felt so much more energetic. Moving to plant based made me feel clearer mentally & less bloated physically. Funny as I didn’t even feel bloated until I came off it. 
Would you recommend Nom Nosh to your friends/family? 
100% - I’ll be back myself too!

What advice would you give someone that was thinking about going vegan?
Don’t put pressure on yourself. Try it gradually, as it’ll take your body a little while to adjust!! Be prepared that it’ll take you a while to get into a groove. When my husband was playing professional sport we were from the school of though; no meat no meal! So it’s a huge change for us... but your tastes will adapt - I don’t even want meat anymore! Also, if it isnt already stock your seasoning / spice cupboard well. Vegan food is anything but bland, if seasoned well! 

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