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October PUMP IT Box

Hey there lovelies - how is it October already?!

We’re feeling pumped after our September RESET and thought we’d take it up a level and get our protein fix in this month. Whether you’re on a plant-based diet or not, it’s important that we are consuming enough protein. Protein is essential for growth and repair of the body and maintenance of good health. It’s a common misconception that Vegans/Vegetarians cannot obtain enough protein from their diets -  however all the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) needed can be found by combining different plant sources of protein, so panic not! It also helps to snack cleverly and try to include some protein in between meals to ward off hunger and reduce sugar cravings. 

We have been busy at Nom Nosh HQ selecting some protein filled snacks for you to enjoy in the knowledge that you’ll stay fuller for longer on treats that not only taste great but are not loaded with the nasties you’ll find in other supermarket snacks. Here’s the down-low on some of our favourite snacks we’ve included for you this month. 

Human Food - Orange Oil
Protein; vegan; plant-based; vegan snack

These organic smart food bars are full to the brim with ALL the natural ingredients. Developed to support a plant-based diet. With added functional ingredients for long-term health and well-being. HF is filling enough to replace a meal, but not bulky, so it leaves you feeling light and energised, and with no refined sugars or syrups there is no sugar-crash. They really are the real deal when it comes to keeping hunger locked up until lunch. Great for gym-bunnies for that superhuman protein boost or just for a convenient pick me up when you’re working from home and you start to get the sleepies on Zoom. We’ve all been there. 

To try a Taster Pack for just £5 or a Two Week Trial (10 bars) for just £15 which is more than 50% off the RRP. Use the code NOMNOSH at 

HIYA Bar - Ginger 

HIYA is the NEW award winning Indian-inspired snack bar, made from a traditional family recipe. These handmade, all natural chickpea based bars are something special. We love the texture and the varying flavours they come in - fennel, cardamom, ginger, cacao and cinnamon all of which draw on the heritage of the original Indian snack that has been made throughout the generations. Hiya bars are vegan, gluten free, low GI, full of plant protein, Omega 3s and high in fibre too. They contain no unrefined sugars, additives or preservatives and do not include any of the 14 allergens in the ingredients. We really enjoyed trying the different flavours - it was hard to choose as they are all delicious but Ginger won the race this month (look out for another amazing flavour next month!). And not forgetting a huge congratulations to the HIYA team on being awarded a Great Taste Award 2020 - extremely well deserved! 

Use the code Hiya30 for 30% off any order until 31st October at 

Nudie protein balls - Carrot Cake 

These Nudie Healthy Protein Balls are the perfect on-the-go snack before or after your workout! Full of nutrients and packed with Plant Based Protein. The Carrot Cake flavour is to die for and will give you the energy you need to feel pumped whatever time of the day. You can also chop them up and use as a topping on your porridge to make sure you’re getting your protein in from the moment you wake up! 

Kape Activated Almonds 

Wowee... whoever thought nuts could be so exciting to snack on. These activated nuts really are a treat for the tastebuds. Slow soaked in spring water and Cornish sea salt to reduce phytic acid and improve digestibility. Gently dehydrated below 47 degrees centigrade to conserve the nutrient profile and make them super crunchy. Enjoy sprinkled onto your morning muesli, as a stand alone snack, or with some olives and a glass of wine in the evening. You’ll go nuts for the crunch! The bag is resealable but we won’t judge if you finish them in one go - it’s hard not to! 

Use the code NOMNOSH20 for 20% off any order until 31st October at

Let us know which products you’ve enjoyed best and leave us a review here. Finding what feels good is our primary focus here. Our biggest wish is to curate the cleanest, indulgent snacks into one box to bring you quality not just quantity.

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