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Motivational March Box

We don’t know about you guys but the little glimmers of sunshine and the promise of more freedom on the horizon has put a mighty big spring in our step this month. There is no time like the present to change up old habits, and get your glow back for the warmer months. It’s not about being beach body ready because we believe that’s just about having a body and going to the beach - surely? It’s about how you feel on the inside and if that’s not in harmony with the outside then we’re getting it all wrong. So we’ve put some epic treats together to make you feel brand new, an array of snacks that give you a boost and fuel your body with the right stuff! 

Tribe - Triple Deckers 

So first up we have the almighty Tribe Triple Deckers - we got excited just thinking about these but it’s another ball game when you actually indulge in this bad boy! It has three layers; crunchy protein granola base, a thick filling and a vegan chocolate topping. We’ve gone all out and included all 3 flavours - because one just wasn’t enough. 

Chikas - Smoked Almonds
The Chika’s smoked almonds are roasted to perfection and sprinkled with a full-flavoured blend of paprika and spices for a smoky sensation. Perfect as a little pre-dinner nibble with a glass of something cold or if you’re running out the go on another walk?! This little bag of nuts really do pack a punch in the flavour and crunch department. Delish! 

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Real Handful - Sea Salt Caramellow Bar

This protein bar is made for the cool, calm and considered types among us. The mellow dudes who are happy riding the wave of life. Smooth caramel and a sprinkle of sea salt make this chewy plant protein bar a decadent taste experience that’s also absolutely free from refined sugar. Total winner! 

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These are just a handful of our favourites this month - but it was a totally tough call because every snack in the box is super delish, don't take our word for it - give it a whirl >>

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