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Mindful May Box

It's May - WAHEY! That should mean warmer days and balmier evenings - but it seems most of us are still holding out for those! However, we are starting to experience a little more normality which is so welcome right now, seeing friends and family again means so much. Although we cannot forget that for most, this adjustment back to 'normal' living is going to take time and we must be gentle to ourselves. Our health and wellbeing is still paramount, and a lot of this comes down to what we fuel our bodies with. So, we are making a conscious effort to eat more mindfully and we thought you might like to get involved too. 

Practising mindful eating simply means being present when we eat – paying attention to it and being aware of it. So we're going to start with snacking, it's easy to grab something and stuff it in before your next call or whilst running out the door on our way to an end of the day pick up when we're super hungry - which invariably means it's also probably inhaled and doesn't touch the sides. We are taking some time to pause, savour the moment and enjoy each mouthful of this little slice of heaven we're treating ourselves to. It's really really simple when you think about it, but I'm not sure many of us practice mindful eating. So who's up for the challenge - and it's a serious challenge for me who likes to inhale food at 100mph. Wish me luck! 

The Protein Ball Co. 

To help us on our way, we've teamed up with The Protein Ball Company who are going to help us cherish every moment with their delectable plant powered balls of goodness, we have included a taster of their Coffee Oat Muffin and the Goji and Coconut balls. Don't forget to pop the kettle on and savour these balls of goodness, cherish the mini moment and we promise you'll feel much more satisfied knowing you've just treated your body to a whole food snack, that not only tastes good but is a power house of nutrients too! These nutty, fruity balls give you 7.5g of plant protein, are super high in fibre, they contain no added sugar and have added Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3.

Research has shown eating mindfully improves digestion, regulates our appetite and helps us enjoy our food much more. Let's do this! 

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