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January Veganuary Box

It’s Veganuary baby! The most exciting month of them all - a whole month dedicated to giving Veganism a go. It’s definitely a challenge, but going plant-based for a month can be fun and you might even fall in love with your new lifestyle so much so that you’ll keep going with it! Switching up your go to meals for some different plant-based dishes can be a really refreshing change and then in between those meals you have the wondrous variety of plant-based snacks to indulge in too. We are fortunate enough to have lots of alternatives to ignite our taste buds so life is far from boring being a herbivore. 

We’ve included some dreamy treats in this months box including some of our favourite brands that definitely do not compromise on taste! Here are a few of our favourites that we’ve hand selected for you to enjoy as part of a balanced diet…

British Snack Company - Sour Cream & Black Pepper Popcorn 

This awfully posh popcorn is a snack sent from heaven. It’s very unusual to find a sour-cream flavour snack that doesn’t contain a dairy derivative, so you can imagine how excited we were to find these bad boys. Don’t take our word for it, dive in and let us know what you think! 

NOM - banana bars

NOM knows what it takes to get you through the day. These organic, gluten-free bars pack in enough jumbo oats to let you hit the ground running and sprint for the finish. Every bite has a boost of banana making it downright delightful.

Dorset Cereals - Berry and Cherry Muesli 

This luscious blend of rolled and toasted flakes with raisins, and freeze dried berries and cherries can be enjoyed at any time of day - we like to have ours as a post-lunch/pre-dinner healthy snack with some coconut yoghurt and a sprinkle of fresh fruit (preferably on a beach!). It’s heaven in a bowl - with just the right amount of sweetness and crunch! Mmmm...

Nooro - Sour Cherry and Chocolate CBD Bar

The black forest revealed its secrets and Nooro have crafted them into a deep and decadent, titillatingly tangy snack bar. Darkly sweet chocolate swirls and 25mg CBD will calm those sweet temptations, while invigorating bursts of sour cherry and Nooro's blend of nootropics, Maca and L-Theanine, focus the senses. It's an indulgent pause to fuel your urban jungle adventures. Raw, Vegan + Gluten-Free.

We really hope you enjoy our delightful Veganuary Box (not just for vegans obvs!) we’re all inclusive here and love that we appeal to the masses that just fancy indulging in something a little less naughty that doesn’t compromise the senses. Dig in and let us know what you think!

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